Booking Terms and Conditions

A deposit secures your booking.

Booking confirmation in writing will be forwarded to you upon receipt of payment.

The remaining is to be paid in full two weeks before the date of event.

If you want to cancel a booking, you must do so in writing to us on date of cancellation.

100% refund applies on cancellation made up to two weeks before camp date.

50% fee applies on cancellation made two weeks before event and up to 48 hours prior to the event.

Cancellation 48 hours before event, no refund applies.


Nature Benefits reserve the right to cancel any event at any time without notice.

If severe dangerous weather conditions occur prior to or during camp, Nature Benefits reserve the right to cancel the event and customer may transfer booking to alternative date or receive a full refund.

Nature Benefits reserve the right to dismiss from camp without refund, any person who it sees as causing disruption in any way to the smooth operations of the camp or the comforts of its customers.




Nature Benefits camps are located in various locations in the country. Many of those locations are in wilderness areas, among forests, near mountains, rivers or lakes. Terrain may vary under foot while out walking and there are a variety of activities at camp that may involve risk of injury or accident, for example cooking over an open fire, using camp tools, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, archery, etc.  Weather conditions may also be a risk to our safety.

I am familiar with and will obey any and all rules written and spoken, established for nature benefits activities.

I accept and acknowledge that there are risks, hazards and dangers associated with all outdoor activities. I understand that these hazards and risks can cause injury, property damage, illness, disability or death.

I also agree that in the event that I am injured or my property is damaged I will bring no claim, legal or otherwise, against the proprietors of the land or Nature Benefits in respect of the injury or damage unless nature benefits has been grossly negligent.

I understand that I must be healthy and reasonably fit in order to safely participate in any nature benefits activities at camp, and that I will inform nature benefits organisers/facilitators of any medication, ailment, condition or injury that may affect my performance or reasonably preclude me from participation.

I have carefully read and understand this document. I acknowledge that there are dangers involved and participation in all activities is voluntary. I acknowledge that I must be responsible for my own safety at all times.


Signed by you upon arrival.