There is a better view from the top of the mountain.

I feel stress and tiredness in my body and it’s a real indicator to me to take time out.  It’s time to get out into nature I thought to myself.  I find myself wondering where am I at? have I got tangled up in the messiness of life? Is it time to take ‘time out?’ to go into nature to untangle the clutter that’s gathered in my mind.

The treadmill and habitual constancy of everyday routines can find us putting ourselves and what we love to do to the bottom of our priority list.  There is always something more important to do.  This can cause stress as we accommodate everybody and everything else first and neglect ourselves.  The knock on effect is we loose, and others suffer too.  If we cannot see the woods from the trees we are likely on the wrong track and need to stop and take stock.  This is something that cannot be rushed and it means being firm with oneself and taking at least a few hours alone to care for oneself.  It is not selfish, in fact others will benefits from the improvements we make in ourselves.  Our world starts with us, we owe it to ourselves first, and it will have a rippling positive effect on everyone around us.

Taking Time Out

So, I have found myself at this point once again as I often do from time to time and I feel no guilt in taking time out for me. One of my favourite places to be is in the mountains.  The less people around the better.  I set out with the intention not to think in order to rest the mind. I focus only on the landscape around me in the present moment and on how wonderful it makes me feel.

I love being on the mountain top and I enjoy every moment of the climb.  I take in all the beauty around me in the vastness of the landscape as I make my way at a leisurely pace.  When on the mountain I feel like I am the mountain, it’s a powerful feeling.  I feel I can reflect upon things and get a greater overall view of my life and see things differently.  It opens up my thinking and I get better perspectives on lots of situations.  I always descend from the mountains with a more positive outlook and ready to start afresh on my path with new inspirations.

Putting Ourselves First

Sometimes we don’t recognise stress in ourselves until it has caused illness in our body.  And even then we may not relate to it as stress. I believe that most of what ails us is stress related.  Taking the time out to be alone and put ourselves first once in a while is vital for our health and wellbeing.

Nature can help us immensely and in ways we have yet to understand or realise.

Focusing on the beauty in simple things around us distracts us from our everyday lives and helps us relax.  This alone is sometimes all we need. Trust that nature will never fail us.