Our Foraging and Cookery Nature Camp was a delightful success.

Guests gathered early Saturday morning at a beautiful landscape setting in Westmeath with glorious views of surrounding hills, lakes and forests. The weather was windy, fresh and dry.

A Depth of Knowledge

Mary Bulfin of ‘Wild Food Mary’ facilitated our group foraging walk sharing her in-depth knowledge and experience of wild plant life. Afterwards, lunch was prepared and cooked over the campfire using the wild organic food which was collected. Ingredients included berries, mushrooms, apples, nuts, many green leaves and wild herbs which were used to make soup and salads, all so well presented and with a beautiful earthy fresh taste full of the great nutrition only found in organic wild food.

Mary’s Foraging Fascinates

Following lunch Mary explained more about the many plants including identifying various plants, their medicinal purposes, how to preserve, and their usage in cookery along with a whole wealth of information and interesting points which intrigued us all. It was a wonderful foraging day that everyone enjoyed immensely. Mary was very interesting to listen to and she automatically answered all our questions with ease of knowledge. You can check out Marys website or Facebook page for upcoming workshops which we highly recommend. Thank You Mary. https://wildfoodmary@wordpress.com

Camp Fire By Night

After some free time, everyone gathered around the camp fire for dinner with hot drinks and plenty of chat. Dark fell upon us, followed by the rain which continued into the night, and it’s sound sent me off into a deep sleep – beautiful!

Morning Sunshine

Early morning sunshine greeted us and there was a beautiful calmness in the air, everything was crisp, clear and still.
Breakfast was served around the campfire with some more enjoyable chats in the company of the group.

Stillness By The Lake

Nature meditation was facilitated sitting by the side of the lake. An awesome setting with amazing views. The lake was so still and the air was so calm and warm that it was easy to find that inner calmness and stillness in oneself. By just being there present in those moments were pure bliss! How beautiful nature is when we connect to it in this way. It has so much to teach us and has immense healing powers if we take the time to be with it.

Thank You

A big thank you to each and every guest for sharing this delightful space in nature with us this weekend. It is a joyous pleasure to share natures treasures with like-minded people. Having respect for nature everything was left as we found it, thank you for helping us ‘leave no trace’

Nature & People

Organising Nature Camps would not be possible without Gillian’s enormous help and support before, during and after camps. Gillian has volunteered her time and energy into helping me set up camps. Her love of nature and people bring so much to the camps and along with her wisdom, knowledge and cooking skills contributes greatly to the camping experience for everyone.

2018 Camps

Nature Benefits Camp start back in May 2018 with a variety of themes to each weekend. Please check back  or follow us on Facebook page or Instagram for updates.