Get together and Go outside !

Hello World, welcome to our new blog.  We intend to use this blog to share our experience of the natural world, and to share ideas and information on anything that may be of benefit to your health and well-being.

We often don’t get the opportunity to spend enough time in nature, to wind down and reap the benefits of what it has to offer us. It has been niggling me inside for a long time to facilitate such a need.  Through time reflection, I eventually came up with the idea of Nature Benefits and it just felt so right.
When we are in large crowds, we rarely get the ultimate value of being outdoors, and yet many of us feel it is strange to be alone and prefer company. This is where we believe that coming together as part of a small group can help us achieve a happy medium. When we are in a small group of like-minded nature enthusiasts each of us can be more respectful and understanding of each other’s need to connect and be at one with nature.
I have often wanted to take others along with me on my adventures and to share the simple things about our landscape. One doesn’t need anything else while venturing outside, no gadgets or instruments of any kind, all you need is yourself. At times, I take my dogs and my camera along with me, however, I find that my experience is deeper and I get more clarity on things when I’m alone.
We, at Nature Benefits, organise group walks and camps in nature. Walks vary in landscape and fitness levels and are located in the Leinster area.  Our first nature camp is on October 21st to 23rd and you can find further details on the events page of our website.
Being in the outdoors has always inspired me, it just makes me come alive like an innocent child. I am filled with the excitement of wonder and awe at the simplicity and beauty around me. It gives me an automatic sense of inner joy and bliss. I feel I have everything I need in the moment and that’s an amazing feeling. It’s addictive and I love it.
I can easily sit alone in complete contentment in the forest, and great ideas frequently come to me while I’m by myself with nature, and afterwards I feel refreshed, uplifted and inspired.
I also offer a Life Coaching service for those who are interested, and you can find details on our services page
 or email me at and I will be happy to facilitate you.
Happy Nature Walks!
Warm Wishes,