Nature Benefits held its Nature Walk recently in Donadea Forest in County Kildare.

It was a lovely Autumn morning. The weather was dry and warm, with a peaceful stillness in the air. The trees were turning colours of Autumn copper and gold.  It was the perfect day for a nature walk.

This was a mushroom spotting nature walk with some photo opportunities.  Among those who joined the walk were two gorgeous dogs  and an enthusiastic, curious child eagerly awaiting what the forest had in store for her.

A stroll through the forest

We strolled through the trees with our eyes swooping across the forest floor in the hope of spotting mushrooms. At one point as we were focusing on the ground a child excitedly called out that she saw mushrooms on the tree tops. We all turned to look, and there they were, up high in the branches.

The cameras  came out and shots had to be taken. One might think mushrooms were only to be found on the lower part of trees, but as you can see from our photos they were very high up on the trees branches. I was amazed at the way this young girl just spotted them. Delighted we all were as we stood looking up in amazement and smiling.
mushroom nature walk
People coming together on a walk like this creates a natural bond like teamwork and it was fun finding and sharing the next mushrooms discovered. To our delight there were many variation of mushrooms far and wide throughout the forest floor, with many different shapes, sizes and colours to be found.

The Forest Sounds

The sounds of birds singing, squirrels scurrying up the trees, and the voice of a child’s delight upon her discoveries in nature were music to our ears and made our hearts chuckle.

Everyone benefited from the walk, from receiving fresh air, exercise, laughter, de-stressing and having a relaxed fun time. Having a child in the group reminded us to reconnect with the joys of being outdoors and discovering the simple things in nature for the first time.

Our Next Nature Walk

Looking forward to our next walk on November 6th in Avondale Forest Park, Rathdrum, Wicklow.  If you want to join us please get in touch.